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Starting your home based business can be as simple as selling art &
crafts you make to more complex ventures such as consulting.
The internet has made it possible for your home based business
to compete on the global market.
Find a business that works for you and start your home based business.
A successful home based business can provide you with more family
time and substantial income.

Control your destiny and start your own home based business.
With your own business you never worry about being out of work again.
Start paying yourself what you deserve.
Set your own hours, work the schedule that works for you !

Publish an Online Newsletter

        Create a newsletter about any subject you are familiar with, such as a hobby. If you
collect stamps your newsletter can focus on stamp collecting. The subjects are endless,
car repair, gardening, home repairs, interior design, how to save money etc...

      Your newsletter can be subscription based or free. With a free newsletter you can
make money by placing affiliate ads or Google adsense ads on your newsletter.

       An online newsletter can be static on your website, can be emailed to subscribers
or a combination of both.

Sell on ebay

           Anything and everything sells on ebay. You can buy items from garage sales, yard
sales and estate sales and resell them on ebay. You can also purchase items from local
auctions for resale on ebay. Many people buy items on ebay and resell them on ebay.

        An ebay business can be very easy to run and very profitable. You will need a good
quality digital camera, the quality of pictures of the items you are selling is very important.
You want your ebay business to look professional. This will give potential customers confidence in dealing with you.

        It is easy to get started selling on ebay, you can even start with items around your
house you no longer need or want.
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Web Hosting Business

          A web hosting business can almost run itself. Thousands of new businesses are formed everyday, they all need a website. Start your web hosting business and host their

        You do not need any special equipment to start your web hosting business. You can
simply resell server space from an established web host provider.

Consulting Business

          This is a great business to use your past work experience. If you have worked for a
large retail company you can use that knowledge to help small businesses with retail marketing. You could give presentations to companies sales forces using your knowledge
from having been in sales.

        Some experience or training you have could be applied to any company, such as
computer networking. If you can setup computer networks you can consult with companies
on their network needs.

        Use your specific industry knowledge and become a successful consultant.


This business obviously requires special skills and education. If you are trained in accounting this can be a very lucrative home business. You can specialize in certain types
of businesses or work with any clients that require your services.

        This business will require special computer software for maintaining the books of your



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Car Accessory Business

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Work Your Schedule / More Free Time / More Money


        Blogs can be a very easy way to make money. Start your Blog, place affiliate ads or
Google adsense ads and start making money. A Blog can be about any subject matter,
sports, a specific sports team, politics, daily current events, cooking, anything you want to
talk about. If you have a favorite hobby start blogging.
        The broader the subject matter the more traffic you will attract. Blogs can get very
high search engine rankings because of the constant changing content. The higher the
ranking, the more traffic and the more money you can make.

Classified Ads Website

         Starting your own classified ads website can be very easy. The software needed for
your website is relatively inexpensive. Some web hosting companies offer free or almost
free classified ads capability.

        Your classified ad website can be a general classified site, it can be just for your local
community or it can be very specific, such as cars for sale, or real estate.

         You can charge people to list on your classified ads or you can offer free listings.

Work Your Schedule / More Free Time / More Money

Offering free listings will result in a lot more listings and you make money off the upgrades
people purchase for their ad, bold text, highlighted ad, photo etc... These features are all
automated within the classified ads software.


Start A Home Based Business

Buy Foreclosed Properties

Buying and flipping foreclosed houses can be a great home based business, and
create huge profits. A foreclosed house can also make a profitable rental property.

          Foreclosed properties can be purchased directly from the lender or at auction. You
need to have your finances in order before you start looking for houses to buy. Have extra
money available for repairs and updates to the house before you purchase a property. If
you are going to flip the house our turn it into a rental, time is critical to make the most
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  Business Startup Steps
Write a business plan
Decide the legal structure of your business
Register your business name
Check with local government authorities for permits needed
Create a marketing plan
Start Making Money With Your Home Based Business !

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